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Avielochan Farm

Tenants of Seafield & Strathspey Estate our farm comprises of arable fields, rough grazing and woodland.  Our herd of cattle are traditionally reared outdoors. Our cows are crossed with either an Aberdeen Angus bull or a Shorthorn bull.  

Ronald Grant, farming the land at Avielochan.

Our herd of Aberdeen Angus and Shorthorn cattle are traditionally reared outdoors. They graze on the rough pasture and shelter in the woodland.  We also have a few hens, a duck, a collie dog and a cat.


Spring is a very busy time on the farm with new babies arriving on the scene.  Whilst tending the cows and sheep we also need work the fields. This is to ensure we have good grass throughout the summer for the animals to graze and plenty of silage and hay to feed the animals during our long winter months.


Ronald’s father, James Grant, was 6 years old when he came to Avielochan in 1906. He lived in The Croft by the loch with his parents, brother and sisters.

Around the 1940’s James married Eva.  At this time they had the chance to take on more farming ground and moved in to Balnabruich where Ronald and his brother and sister grew up.